Everglades best airboat tour: meet the alligators in florida!

It’s been a long time ago, when I’ve learned the difference between alligators and crocodiles – i probably forgot it… So it was kind of safe that I’m going to visit the everglades during my Florida stay.

A lot of websites shows you different airboat tours through the everglades. It’s quite difficult to choose one, i know that. But one of them was recommended to us – The Buffalo Tiger’s Everglades Airboat Tour. Our friend said that these airboat tours are different like the normal tourist attractions in Florida. And that’s exactly what I was looking for.


And a few days later we met Fabien, a really nice dude. Thanks to its origins, a member of the indian miccosukee tribe, he knows the area like the back of his hand. And he also knows how to treat the alligator’s right.

So before i explain, what we’ve discovered, i would like to tell you the difference between alligators and crocodiles: Alligators are living only in fresh water areas. They can only handle being in salt water for a small length of time and mostly not interested in hurting or eating people – they`re shies away from people.

Crocodiles are living mostly in the saltwater areas – but have no problems to live in fresh water areas as well. Alligators have dark skins – crocodiles are mostly brighter. Alligators have a big mouth like a U – crocodiles have more like an V-mouth. But: have respect and a safety gap to alligators too – they are just overcautious and they only defend themselves, if they scared.

So, a alligator will not jump on your airboat und grab you… he knows that you’re taller and he shows you respect. The Indians and the alligators learned how to live together in the past years.

Thats why „The Buffalo Tiger`s Everlades Airboat Tours“ are different

Fabien took us on his airboat for round about an hour – we’ve paid 25$ for each person and it was really worth it. He took us deeper and deeper in the everglades and guys, it was so amazing to feel the wind in my hair (we had round about 22 miles/hour) and see the whole wildlife. Until today more than 350 bird species have been identified in this area. But that’s not all, whit a bit of luck; you’re probably see raccoons, skunks, opossums, bobcats and white-tailed deer’s too. So, be prepared!

And then, Fabien stops the airboat in the middle of nowhere and makes special noises. He said „they feel comfortable, when they hearing this kind of noises“ – and he was right. 20-30 seconds later the first alligator lady shows up. She stopped in front of us. Did I mention how relaxed she was? Fabien gives her a little piece of bread to show how her mouth looks like. If you see a crocodile, you will see all of his teeth (top and bottom). The maxillary of an alligator coveres the mandibular – so you’re only able to see a few of his teeth’s.


After a few minutes we’ve moved on and on the next stop we’ve seen an male alligator. He’s way bigger than an female alligator. And I feel sympathetic for him – I don’t know why, but he was really cool and relaxed too!

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After an Airboattour -> visit Miccosukee Village!

After the trip Fabien recommended to us the village of this tribe (miccosukee has round about 600 inhabitants). I will never forget this part of the trip! Just because I had the chance to hold an alligator. He was between 6 and 10 years old and unexpected soft. The cute blonde guy (through him i got to know much more about the alligators) who shows me how to hold it, said to me: don’t squeeze him. Now I know what he meant – because they are really realy soft.


In the village you will find a lot of stalls with handmade stuff. One sweet old woman makes bracelets and I just fell in love with one bracelet that was made by her and bought it. But this bracelet flew away, when the storm caught me in Florida one day later. That’s really pity. But maybe somone will find the bracelet at the beach and wear it for me 🙂

Update: I wrote a mail to the tribe and get response: They normally don`t send things, but they`re going to see what they can do to send me a similar bracelet. So nice!

Ticket Informations „The Buffalo Tiger`s Everlades Airboat Tour“

Standard Airboat Tour
45 minutes
24,75 $ / Person
13,75 $ / Kids
Information: Glide over the Florida Everglades with an experienced native guide. See wildlife in their natural environment, such as the alligator, raccoons and various wading birds. Stop at an authentic Miccosukee Indian camp. Take a walk on the nature trail. Our guides will ensure that you have many photo opportunities and information

Buffalo Tiger FL Everglades Airboat Rides
29701 SW 8th St, West Miami, FL, United States

Phone:     +1.305-559-5250
E-mail: buffalotigerairboats@gmail.com

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