Is happiness a choice?

In one thing we all agree: to the question, what really matters to us or what we’re going through, many of us answer with just one word: happiness. Sounds easy… doesn’t it? Well, for some poeple it’s still an insurmountable obstacle.

Pity, because happiness lies mostly in front of them… but mostly it’s neither seen nor heard.

I often hear people saying: „How can you be so happy?“ My answer is simple: „Because I want a happy life“.

And I know our life can be hard, and sometimes it sucks really bad – but it won’t help to complain. We’ve got to be strong to survive these situations and also strong enough, to decide how every day can be.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about Mondays. How many quotes exist with the tenor of „oh it’s sad, that Monday came so fast“, or „Monday should be optional“.

Guys, Monday is a one more day in our lives that offers us the opportunity to explore even more. And that is one point… my point. Happiness is finding something to celebrate in each day. Even it`s the Barista, that knows how you prefer your coffee, without a word being exchanged.

And that´s the easiest way, to find happiness. Try something new, explore everyday and smile, even more, if the world seems to be against you. Because you matter – you absolutely do!





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