Me Time: taking your time!

Busted! It`s been a while, that i wrote some things on my blog. But you need to know: This Blog isn`t a fashion- or a highend blog to show „hey, I can have my own business“. It`s more like feeding my passion to write, to travel and to discuss things.

And the last view weeks been busy, positive – but busy. And i had the feeling to explore even more, after my three week trip through USA in January this year. So i spent a lot of my time on the road than home in the past weeks. But now i`m back on track and i would like to write about one topic, that describes my life exactly, how it is in the moment.

How I take „me time“!

I`m not a person, who have problems with being among people. But i also have no problems to be by myself. I love to watch movies, series and listening to music by myself – it`s really relaxing, you know?!  And I also love to explore citys and places – even it`s for one day or a couple hours … by myself.

So for example: I can`t wait to finally sit on my balcony, with a coffeemug in my hand – and just breathe in and out. No more no less. My life is like a big puzzle: I need every piece to be happy and I know how to get it or when I need that or this kind of piece. So, i need to travel, i need to be among people, i need to be alone and hell yeah, sometimes i need action and silence at the same time!  It`s sounds difficult – but to me  it`s elementary!

I think it`s quite difficult for the people around me, sometimes – seriously! But  most of them know me and my little crazy enthusiastic capacity and energy. And I appreciate how they deal with it. I do love plans, but i also love to be spontaneous and do not know what to expect. I love that feeling to get caught from the adrenaline and experiences. So every week is different for – and with me. For sure I have my constant things in life… but you know the trick by doing sport: change one little thing at the exercise program and you muscles will not get used to it and will always be challenged.

That`s what i do in my life. Everyday at work isn`t the same for me – because I`m trying to change little things and to stay always open minded, for new roads. It is my aim to be happy, everyday! To learn and grow a little bit more. Even if i learn, that cactuses the most knowing succulents.  

So, why I´m writing all that stuff? Because i think, it`s really important to deal with yourself.

Take your time, do what you love and don`t stress out. Becuase you worth it, to explore what`s problably hiding behind the daily routine.


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