The problem with being too open minded!

Well, where should i start… Two words, several meanings. First, „open minded“ means being liberal, without prejudice and candid. And on the other hand being cosmopolitan, outgoing and communicative. So, it sounds good to me. But that’s maybe the problem, or is there generelly a problem with being open minded?

I’ve started to write about this topic, because I’ve started questioning myself today. But let’s start a few years ago… My parents always used to say: „We’re getting to know a lot of people – just because of tilda.“ I love getting to know new people, other cultures, new areas, unknown places. It’s like a drug for me: i’m interested in… you.

And just as much i’d like getting to know people, i’m enjoying conversations. And if i’m feeling comfortable with people, i’m telling „something“ about me, and sometimes „something“ is quite a lot. Could it perhaps be, that i’m maybe searching for the word „trust„?

An open Minded Attitude?

Maybe, because there is no reason for me, why people would hurt each other – i know, a bit naive. Of course i know what it feels like to be hurt – but this experience won’t influence my future personal encounters. In my view, it’s really important to be open minded when you’re meeting new people.

Yeah, sometimes there are things a man or woman can ignore – because the facts speak for themselves. It’s okay if we certainly take into consideration that one person isn’t always fair, honest or difficult and dangerous. But it’s important too, that we’re not overthinking it.

And that’s the point: if you’re like me, very open minded, you might to be prone to trust people, because you’re very straightforward and you’re expecting the same from the other.

Yeah, i think open minded only works with trust – because letting you in someone’s life means, that you’ve opened up for him.

So many people trying to pretend to be somone they aren’t… Open minded (not to be confused with open for every relationship, or something else) isn’t a shield, if you need a place to hide. So, if you’re not sooo open, just don’t pretend it. Nobody wants an awkward conversation.

And having a growth mindset means that you believe in your personality, skills and traits – so be yourself, and if someone tries to hurt you -> he doesn’t deserve you. Not a bit…

And if people are overhelmed with your attitude, you must not doubt! Just don’t!



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